Managing your provider personal details

A guide to viewing your qualifications and updating your personal or contact details in HPOS.

Health professionals can use this service to:

  • view their personal details, such as name, DOB, gender and qualifications
  • update their contact details, such as telephone, email and preferred mailing address.

View and update provider personal details

This service lets providers and their delegates view and update their personal information held by us.

Some of the information displayed is unavailable for selection or editing within HPOS. This information includes:

  • personal details
    • provider Stem number
    • prescriber number
    • title
    • family name
    • given name(s)
    • date of birth
    • gender
  • qualifications
    • place of base qualifications
    • year of base qualifications.

Information you can update includes:

  • contact details
    • telephone
    • email
    • fax
    • mobile
    • pager
  • preferred mailing address
    • I do not want a preferred mailing address (checkbox)
    • address
    • locality
    • postcode
    • my preferred mailing address details are correct (checkbox)
  • AIR contact details (if applicable)
    • apply changes to AIR (checkbox)
    • email me when my reports have been produced (checkbox).

How to update provider personal details

  1. Select My details.
  2. Select My personal details.
  3. Provide all relevant details in the Contact Details, Preferred Mailing Address and AIR Contact Details fields and select Submit.
  4. Review the information and select Confirm and Save.
Page last updated: 10 December 2021.
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