Loss of capacity to provide domestic services

If you had dependents when you suffered the harm, you may be able to claim lost capacity to provide domestic services.

What proof you need

Before you can claim, you need to get your doctor to complete a COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme medical report. You need this as proof when you submit the claim. We need your doctor’s responses to help us assess your claim.

You need to provide the following documents with your claim:

  • a completed COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme expenses form
  • a written statement about the care you provided before you were harmed, and why your dependents can’t care for themselves
  • proof of how many hours of care per week have been or will be provided
  • proof showing that you’d most likely have provided the services needed for at least 6 hours per week and for at least 6 months in a row
  • proof that there is or was a need for these services and how long they were or would have been needed for
  • proof of any amounts you got or will get from third parties, like private health insurance.

How you calculate loss of capacity to provide domestic services

You need to calculate the number of hours of domestic services you provide or will provide. This includes when and how long your dependents will need your domestic services for. Remember to deduct any hours you had for respite care. Then multiply your hours by $43.43 for both past and future services.

Page last updated: 7 April 2022.
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