How to claim

Complete these steps to claim for the Extraordinary Assistance Fund (EAF) or Health Care Assistance Fund (HCAF) for Australian thalidomide survivors.

Steps to claim

  1. Visiting a service centre

    Step 1 – get ready to claim

    You’ll need to check what you need to do before you claim. Make sure you have evidence such as receipts and supporting documents. You can find this information on the claim forms or on the Department of Health’s website in the EAF and HCAF Program Guidelines.

    To claim you’ll need:

    • written evidence from an registered health care practitioner
    • supporting documents, such as quotes, tax invoices, receipts or proof of purchase.
  2. Gather Documents

    Step 2 – complete the claim form

    Complete one or both of these:

  3. Claim online

    Step 3 – submit your claim form

    You can submit your claim form and supporting documents in any of these ways:


    Step 4 – wait to hear from us

    We aim to process your claim within 30 business days.

    We’ll contact you the same way you submit your claim.

    If we don’t approve your claim or we need more information, we’ll contact you.

    For information about your claim, you can email Thalidomide Claims or call us on 1800 565 863 Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm AEST. Call charges may apply.

Page last updated: 29 March 2021