Assessments for parents with second families

If you have children from a new family, we reflect this in your assessment.

When we work out the income to calculate your child support payments we can deduct an amount to support any relevant dependent children. These are children other than the ones in your child support case.

We can do this for either parent. We can’t do it if the child is part of another child support case.

Who can be a relevant dependent child

The child must be in your care for at least 128 nights a year.

They can be either your:

  • biological child
  • adopted child
  • stepchild if a court order says you have a duty to maintain them
  • child from artificial conception - you and the other parent were married or in a de facto relationship at the time of conception and you consented to the artificial conception procedure
  • child from a surrogacy arrangement.

Your relevant dependent child amount

We work this out using the costs of children table and your child support income amount.

We only consider your income – not your partner’s.


You can apply to change your assessment in special circumstances if you’re caring for your stepchild and both of the following apply:

  • neither legal parent can financially support the child
  • you pay child support for any other children.

Your reason for applying is reason 10.

Page last updated: 15 August 2019