Parents with 2 or more assessments

We work out how much child support you pay or receive if you have 2 or more families from past relationships

The calculations for parents with 2 or more child support assessments are a little more involved. To work out your child support income if you pay or receive child support for 2 or more families from previous relationships, we apply the formula to your adjusted taxable income after we deduct all of the following:

  • a multi-case allowance for supporting your children in other child support cases
  • the self support amount
  • any relevant dependent child amount.

We work out the multi-case allowance for each child according to their age and how much it would cost if all the children were living with you.

Where a paying parent has multiple cases, the formula uses a multi-case cap to determine the maximum amount of child support payable. The multi-case cap ensures you do not pay more in child support than it would cost if you had all your children that need child support payments living with you.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021.
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