How much you can get

The Tertiary Access Payment is a payment of $5,000 paid in 2 instalments.

You must be studying at a Vocational Education and Training (VET) or higher education non-university provider to get the payment from us. If you’re going to study at a university, you need check with them if they’ll pay you. Read more about before you claim.

We’ll pay eligible non-university students an instalment of $3,000 during the first half of the year. To get the first instalment you need meet all eligibility criteria, including being enrolled in full time study.

We’ll pay a second instalment of $2,000 as long as you’re still enrolled in full time study. We’ll pay this in the second half of the year.

You need to be a current student at the time we check your enrolment. If you apply for this payment but aren’t a current student when we check your enrolment, we won’t pay you.

You can only get this payment once, and only in your first year of study. This payment is not taxable.

Income from scholarships

The Tertiary Access Payment is considered an equity or merit based scholarship. This means we don't normally count it as income when we check if you can get another payment from us.

However, we do count equity or merit based scholarships as income in some situations. Any scholarship amount over $8,355 counts as income and may affect your payment rate for other payments.

If you get more than one equity or merit based scholarship, the $8,355 applies to the total amount you get, not to each one.

Page last updated: 9 December 2020