Identity documents you need before you start

We need details from Government issued identity documents to verify your identity online to complete the PRODA registration process.

You’ll need to verify your identity online to complete the registration process. To do this, you’ll need to enter details from 3 accepted and valid Australian Government issued identity documents. You can’t use the same document twice.

You can use 2 of the following documents:

  • Medicare card
  • Australian driver's licence
  • ImmiCard
  • Australian passport.

You can use 1 of the following documents:

  • Australian passport
  • Australian birth certificate
  • ImmiCard
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Australian Visa, supported by a Foreign passport
  • Certificate of registration by descent.

You’ll need to provide 1 change of name document if:

  • your name is different on any of your documents
  • you create your account in a different name to your documents.

Examples of accepted change of name documents can include:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Change of name certificate
  • an amended Australian Birth certificate.

We won’t accept the following documents:

  • extracts
  • ceremonial or commemorative certificates
  • expired or illegible documents.

If you can’t verify your identity online

You may not be able to confirm your identity online. If you have trouble using certain documents, you may need to contact the agency that issued that specific document.

If you are still unable to verify your details, please contact the PRODA helpdesk for support.

Page last updated: 27 September 2023.
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