How much you can get

The amount of Child Care Subsidy you can get depends on your circumstances.

Use our Payment and Service Finder to estimate how much Child Care Subsidy (CCS) you may get.

To work out how much CCS you’re eligible for we’ll look at all of the following:

The amount of subsidised child care you can access per fortnight applies to each child.

If you have a CCS overpayment, we may use some of your CCS each fortnight to pay this back.

If your Centrelink online account is linked to myGov, you can repay money online. To do this, sign into myGov and select Money you owe.

Sign in to myGov

You can also use the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

Read more about the steps you can take if you’re ready to start repaying the money you owe.

Offering fee discounts for child care educators and teachers

If you work for a child care service, you may be eligible for a discount if your child also attends the same service.

This doesn’t apply if you’re employed by a Family Day Care or In Home Care service.

You should talk to your child care service to find out if you’re eligible.

Find out more information about the discount offer on the Department of Education website.

Gap fee payments

From 1 July 2023, there are changes to the way gap fee payments are made. This is also known as the out-of-pocket cost. Gap fee payments must be paid electronically. For more information, speak to your child care service.

Page last updated: 2 November 2023.
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