How much you can get

The amount of ABSTUDY Incidentals Allowance you can get depends on how long your course, apprenticeship or traineeship is each year.

Payment per length of course

The maximum amount of the allowance you can get depends on the length of the course during the calendar year you are seeking assistance.

Length of the courseMaximum payment
Under 12 weeks$98.10 per course
12 to 16 weeks$172.20 per course
17 to 23 weeks$342.30 per course
24 to 52 weeks$695.70 per course

Multiple payments

We pay each course once per calendar year, so for example if you’re doing:

  • 2 courses, you’ll get 2 payments
  • an apprenticeship and an approved course at the same time, you’ll get 2 payments.
  • If you are doing a 52 week course that commences in November, you will receive 1 payment at commencement of your course for  $98.10 and another at the beginning of the new year of $695.70.


You don’t need to pay tax on Incidentals allowance.

Extra help

If you’re a tertiary, masters or doctorate student you may also get Additional Incidentals Allowance.

Page last updated: 6 December 2023.
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