Additional Incidentals Allowance

You may get ABSTUDY Additional Incidentals Allowance if you have high essential course costs.

This is a separate payment from ABSTUDY Incidentals Allowance. You need to use a different form to claim it.

Who this is for

The additional allowance is only for higher education, masters and doctorate students. You must be studying full time.

Your essential course costs must be over the listed amount for the length of the course.

Length of the course Prescribed amounts
Under 12 weeks $169.00
12 to 16 weeks $334.90
17 to 23 weeks $669.20
24 to 52 weeks $1,340.40

What essential course costs are

Essential course costs are costs that every student doing the course must pay. Examples are:

  • union fees
  • library fees
  • laboratory fees
  • cost of textbooks

They don’t include:

  • tuition fees
  • items that the education institution should provide, like computer or musical instruments.

How much you’ll get

We’ll pay for anything over the listed amount for the length of your course, up to $2,080 per year.

Find out how to claim Additional Incidentals Allowance.

Page last updated: 1 January 2023.
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