Additional Incidentals Allowance

You may get ABSTUDY Additional Incidentals Allowance if you’re a tertiary, masters or doctorate student and have high essential course costs.

You may be eligible to get the additional allowance if all of the following apply:

  • you’re eligible for ABSTUDY
  • you’re a tertiary, masters or doctorate student
  • you have essential course costs over the below prescribed amounts
  • all students in the course incur the costs.

Essential course costs are mandatory costs that the education provider is not expected to pay for. They may include education institution fees, the cost of textbooks and some equipment, like stationery.

You’ll need to spend more than the prescribed amounts to claim the additional allowance. We’ll pay for anything over the prescribed amount up to $2,080.00 per calendar year. The prescribed amounts depend on the length of the course.

Length of the course Prescribed amounts
Under 12 weeks $159.30
12 to 16 weeks $315.60
17 to 23 weeks $630.70
24 to 52 weeks $1,263.30

For example, Jennie is studying a Graduate Certificate in Mechatronics for 20 weeks in 2022. Based on the length of her course, Jennie gets an Incidentals Allowance payment of $322.60.

The essential course costs for each student are $800. The prescribed amount for Jennie’s course is $630.70. Based on her course costs being higher than the prescribed amount, Jennie also gets an Additional Incidentals Allowance payment of $169.30. This equals $800 essential course costs minus the prescribed amount $630.70.

Find out how to claim Additional Incidentals Allowance.

Page last updated: 16 March 2022