Getting a payment

There are payments available to help you if you provide care for someone.

Payments you can get as a carer

As a carer you may be able to get one or more of our payments. This depends on your circumstances and the needs of the person you care for.

Carer Payment is if you give constant care to someone with disability, a medical condition, or an adult who’s frail aged. Constant care means you provide care for a large amount of time daily. This roughly equates to a normal working day. If this care stops you from working full time, this payment could be for you.

Carer Allowance is a supplementary payment if you care for someone who needs daily support. If the person you care for has a terminal medical condition, or needs ongoing daily assistance for at least 12 months, this payment could be for you.

You can get both of these at the same time, depending on your circumstances.

If you’re working or studying full time, you can claim Carer Allowance in addition to any other income support payments, such as:

If you’re Age Pension age

If you are Age Pension age and caring for someone, you can choose to get Carer Payment or Age Pension.

Read more about choosing between Carer Payment and Age Pension.

Annual and one-off payments

If you get Carer Payment, Carer Allowance or both, you may also be eligible for other payments.

Carer Supplement is an annual payment. It helps cover costs when caring for someone with disability or a medical condition. You’ll get this automatically if you’re getting an eligible carer payment for a period that includes 1 July.

Additional payments if you care for a child

Child Disability Assistance Payment is an annual payment if you get Carer Allowance. You’ll get this payment automatically if you:

  • get Carer Allowance for a period that includes 1 July
  • provide care for a child with disability or a severe medical condition.

Carer Adjustment Payment is a one-off payment for carers of a child younger than 7 years. It helps families with a child diagnosed with a severe medical condition or disability following a catastrophic event. You’ll need to show a strong need for financial help when you claim this payment.

Other support if you care for a child

You may also be able to claim a Health Care Card. This concession card can help with the cost of health care.

Things you can do online

If you need support because of your caring responsibilities, check who can get Carer Allowance and who can get Carer Payment.

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Page last updated: 6 July 2023.
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