Family Day Care operator reviews for the compliance program

We check that you correctly report the income you receive from your Family Day Care business.

The Department of Education may tell us that you’ve been working as a Family Day Care educator. If they do, we’ll send you a letter asking you to contact us to confirm or update your details. We’ll do this if you haven’t already told us you’re working as a Family Day Care educator.

What details we need

When you contact us we’ll ask you about your Family Day Care work to find out:

  • when you started working as a Family Day Care educator
  • if you’re still working
  • if you’re no longer working, and if so, when you stopped
  • if you have contracts with any service providers, past and present
  • how you’re paid, for example, by a provider or parents, or through a bank account or cash
  • the services you provide
  • the ages of the children you educate
  • the number of hours a day, days per week, and weeks each year you provide care.

You must answer as accurately as you can.

Details about your tax returns and payment history

We’ll need details about your lodged individual and business tax returns with the Australian Taxation Office, including both a:

  • breakdown of expenses
  • depreciation worksheet with details of the assets purchased.

We’ll also need a copy of your Education Payment History Reports for the financial years your business has been operating.

When you haven’t lodged your tax returns

You may need to give us a Profit and Loss Statement form if either:

  • you haven’t lodged your tax returns
  • your income has changed since your last tax return.

What other information we need

Depending on your circumstances, we may also ask for:

  • your Tax Assessment Notice for a particular financial year
  • your bank statements
  • copies of receipts for expenses listed in your tax returns.

We may also ask you for the following forms:

When giving us this information, you should consider the following.

Details about purchases you’ve made for your business

You need to consider:

  • assets you’ve purchased to operate your business that you haven’t told us about
  • the cost of the asset
  • the percentage you use the asset for your business
  • if you give food, meals or snacks to children in your care.

Details about your property

If you run your business from your home, you’ll need to tell us all of the following:

  • how many rooms are in your house and how many of those you use for Family Day Care
  • if you use any of your rooms only for Family Day Care
  • your total annual household costs if you had any household expenses for your Family Day Care business, like utilities, phone, internet and insurance.

We may also ask you:

  • if you own or rent your home
  • the amount of rent you pay each week or the mortgage amount you pay each month.

Details about car use

If you use your car to run your business, you’ll need to tell us:

  • that you need the car for your business
  • if you own or lease the car
  • if you drop off or pick up children
  • how you work out any motor vehicle expenses you claim.

Examples of how you may work out motor vehicle use include:

  • a log book
  • cents per kilometre
  • 12% of original value
  • 1/3 of actual expenses.

How to give us documents

You can give us documents:

We have guides to show you how to upload documents through:

Page last updated: 1 August 2022.
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