Enrol your baby in Medicare only

If you don’t wish to claim for a families payment, you’ll need to submit proof of birth to enrol your baby in Medicare.

To do this, complete the full Newborn Child Declaration form and return it to us. The form is in the Parent Pack from your hospital or midwife. This will:

Only the birth mother can register a newborn child for My Health Record using the Newborn Child Declaration form. You can read more about registering a child for a My Health Record on the Australian Digital Health Agency website.

If your Medicare online account is linked to myGov, sign in now to submit your completed form.

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You can also submit the form either:

If you lose your Newborn Child Declaration form, you need to submit a Medicare enrolment form. You’ll need to give supporting documentation requested in the form, including proof of your child’s birth.

We’ll add your child to your Medicare card, and send an updated card once enrolment is complete.

Read more about how to add your newborn to your Medicare card.

Page last updated: 12 May 2023.
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