Get information about Parenting Payment and Child Support

You may be able to get Parenting Payment and add your baby to a current child support assessment.

Submitting a claim for Parenting Payment

Parenting Payment is income support you may be able to get while you’re a young child’s principal carer.

You can submit a claim after your baby is born or when a child comes in to your care.

Contacting us about child support

If you or your partner have a current child support assessment, you may be able to add your newborn child. We’ll add your baby to the assessment as a relevant dependent child. We can add the child to the assessment only after you tell Child Support about your newborn child.

Read more about assessments for parents with second families or call us on the Child Support Enquiry line.

We can help you learn about child support. This includes deciding on the type of child support arrangement that's right for you.

Page last updated: 15 July 2022.
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