Corrective Services

We have a range of forms and products you can use when you’re helping people in prison.

When they enter prison

When people go to prison, they may need to complete one or more of the following forms.


If it applies, they may need to complete the Confirmation of Imprisonment and Application for Payment form (SU709).

Child Support

While they’re in prison

During their time in prison, people may need to complete one or more of the following forms.



Child Support

ABSTUDY Lawful Custody Allowance

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who are in custody and studying or training, may be eligible for ABSTUDY Lawful Custody Allowance.

This allowance helps with essential course costs.

When they’re released from prison

Before people leave prison, they may need to complete one or more of the following forms:


The Consent to disclose medical information form (SA472) confirms a person’s consent for their health providers to disclose information to us. This form supports a person’s claim for Disability Support Pension (DSP).

Not everyone with disability or a medical condition can get DSP. They should read the rules for getting DSP before claiming.


More information

We have other services to help people who are going to prison, or preparing for life after prison.

Concession and health care cards

Concession and health care cards help people get cheaper health services and medicines.

Crisis and special help

Our crisis and special help services are for people in severe financial hardship or who need special assistance.

Ordering physical products in bulk

Organisations can order our physical products in bulk if needed.

Information for people in prison brochure

This brochure has information to help people with what they need to do when they’re:

  • entering prison
  • in prison
  • preparing to leave prison
  • leaving prison.

The brochure has information that can help them:

  • avoid getting a debt
  • learn about available services while they’re in prison
  • contact us while they’re in prison
  • prepare and make a claim when they leave prison.

Prisoner wallet card

This wallet card helps people when they leave prison. It includes:

  • important phone numbers
  • what they need to bring with them to visit a service centre
  • how to avoid getting a debt.

Placing an order

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  • your email details and fax and telephone numbers including area codes
  • the name, product number and quantity of each product you need.

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Page last updated: 13 May 2024.
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