Claiming Additional Incidentals Allowance

Complete the following steps to claim ABSTUDY Additional Incidentals Allowance. Before you start, check if you can get it.

Steps to claim ABSTUDY Additional Incidentals Allowance


    1. Get your documents ready to claim

    You’ll need to provide the following documents with your claim:

    • quotes for essential items not already purchased
    • receipts of items purchased
    • a letter from the head of the education institution confirming the items are essential course costs for all students in the course.

    2. Make your claim

    To claim you’ll have to fill out the ABSTUDY Additional Incidental claim form.

    To submit your claim form, follow these steps:

    1. Check you’ve answered all questions.
    2. Sign and date the claim form.
    3. Attach any supporting documents.
    4. Submit your claim to us.

    You can submit your claim form in 1 of the following ways:

    Outcome of your Claim

    We’ll let you know the result of your application. We’ll send a message to your myGov Inbox.

    If you don't get electronic letters, we'll send you a letter in the mail.

    If we need more details we’ll ask you for them.

    You can ask us to review our decision if you think we’ve made a mistake.

Page last updated: 11 January 2023.
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