Away from Base activities

You can only get ABSTUDY Away from Base Assistance to help cover the costs of approved away from base activities.

Away from Base activities must be both:

They can include any of the following:

  • residential schools, including face to face lectures and tutorials for students studying via distance education
  • a placement part of a tertiary course, where they need to do practical training in a work environment
  • field trips that have practical activities or experiences and are part of their tertiary course.

They can also be for testing or assessments to gain entry to either:

  • a tertiary course
  • an enabling course at university.

What we won’t pay for

We won’t pay for activities that are part of any of the following:

  • Australian Apprenticeships
  • traineeships
  • residential schools, field trips or placements which get funding from the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

We won’t pay for interstate travel for field trips or placements, except when the activity is any of the following:

  • involves travel between New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory
  • where your institution is near a state or territory border
  • essential to completing the course and is not available in your state or territory.

This assistance doesn’t cover travel overseas.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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