Working as an interpreter or translator

Services Australia is committed to providing simple and high quality Centrelink, Child Support and Medicare services for all Australians.

We connect culturally and linguistically diverse customers to interpreters to help them understand our payments and services. Interpreters are also available for Indigenous languages and Auslan.

We have a national panel of over 2,000 contracted interpreters and translators. We engage them as needed to provide interpreter and translation services, either face-to-face, or by telephone or videoconference.

We seek passionate and dedicated contract language professionals to join our panel.

Requirements to work as an interpreter or translator

If you’re interested, you must have:

  • NAATI interpreter translator credentials
  • relevant work experience
  • knowledge of the AUSIT Code of Ethics
  • availability to provide services
  • good interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Australian citizenship, Australian permanent residency or a visa with permanent or indefinite rights to work in Australia with no conditions.

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Languages in demand

We’re looking for interpreters for the languages below:

  • Acholi
  • Anuak
  • Auslan/Deaf interpreters
  • Bari
  • Bembe
  • Bengali translator (Bengali to English)
  • Chin Siyin/Chin (Tedim)
  • Hakka/ Hakka Timorese
  • Karenni/Kayah Eastern/Kayah Western
  • Kurdish Kurmanji
  • Lisu
  • Luganda / Ganda
  • Madi
  • Nuer
  • Portuguese
  • Rarotongan
  • Samoan
  • Sango
  • Slovenian translators
  • Telugu
  • Tongan.

We are also looking for interpreters with experience working with the Australian Federal Police, police or courts.

How to register

If you would like to join our panel of interpreters and translators, register your interest by emailing Include:

  • full name
  • residential address
  • contact phone number
  • Australian residence status
  • if you’re an interpreter, translator or both
  • NAATI certification level for each language you speak
  • NAATI Certification Practitioner Number
  • relevant work experience.

It’s important to provide all the information specified above. Incomplete information will not be considered.

Page last updated: 12 December 2023.
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