When your organisation is approved to be a voluntary work organisation

If we approve your request to become an approved voluntary work organisation, you’ll need to meet some rules. You can have one or more job seekers volunteer at your organisation.

Making sure you meet your responsibilities

We may need to confirm how many hours per fortnight a job seeker is volunteering at your organisation. This is so we can record it on their Job Plan. We’ll ask the job seeker to get confirmation from you if needed.

You’ll have the same work health and safety responsibilities for both:

  • job seekers
  • anyone else working or volunteering at your organisation.

You’ll need to make sure your workplace and any activities meet all work health and safety obligations under relevant legislation.

If you suspect a job seeker isn’t meeting their voluntary work activities, you should report it.

Telling us about any change of circumstances

It’s important to tell us if your organisation’s circumstances change. You’ll need to tell us of a change within 14 days.

You need to tell us if your organisation changes any of the following:

  • name
  • location
  • not for profit status
  • insurance cover
  • contact details or contact person.

You must also tell us if your organisation ceases to operate.

You can use the Voluntary Work – Request for organisation approval form to update your details.

Page last updated: 12 June 2024.
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