Supporting documents for voluntary work

If a job seeker wants to do voluntary work to meet their mutual obligations, your organisation must complete a Verification of voluntary work form.

To be approved, your organisation must be community-based with appropriate insurance or a government sector agency. You must be able to complete a verification of voluntary work form. If you can’t, we won’t be able to approve the voluntary work activity for the job seeker.

Community based organisations may also need to give us supporting documents when a job seeker applies for voluntary work as an approved activity. We’ll let you know if we need evidence.

Government sector agencies don’t need to provide evidence.

Evidence of not-for-profit status

If you’re a community-based organisation, you may be asked to provide evidence of your organisation not-for-profit status.

We’ll accept any of the following as evidence:

  • a certificate of incorporation
  • a copy of your organisation’s constitution or rules
  • a copy of your registration or membership with the regional, state or national Volunteer Centre.

Evidence of insurance

You’ll need to have appropriate insurance. The appropriate insurance requires your organisation to have all the following:

  • an active public liability insurance policy
  • either an active personal accident or active voluntary workers insurance policy.

Community based organisations may be asked to provide evidence that they hold 2 types of insurance.

The following table describes both:

  • the 2 types of insurance your organisation must hold
  • the evidence we may ask you to give us.
Insurance TypeEvidence we accept
Public liability insurance
Covers injury to third parties and damage to third party property.

You can provide either:

  • a certificate of currency
  • a notice in writing from your provider.
Personal accident insurance
Covers volunteers for any accident or injury they have while working with your organisation. Voluntary worker’s insurance is another name for it. People often purchase it on its own or as an addition to their public liability insurance.

You can provide either:

  • a certificate of currency
  • a notice in writing from your provider.

In all cases, evidence of your insurance must confirm all the following details:

  • your organisation’s name
  • the type of insurance
  • the period of coverage
  • the amount of cover.

We won’t accept Policy Disclosure Statements and tax invoices as evidence, as they don’t tell us the information we need.

To find out more about insurance cover, contact your insurance provider.

Page last updated: 1 July 2024.
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