When you hold a temporary visa

You can’t get Parental Leave Pay for a child born or adopted before 1 July 2023 if you go overseas when you hold most temporary protection type visas.

Except if you hold one of these visas:

  • a Partner Provisional visa subclass 309 or visa subclass 820
  • a Safe Haven Enterprise visa subclass 790
  • a Temporary Protection visa subclass 785 granted on or after 16 December 2014.

If you hold one of these visas, you may get Parental Leave Pay for up to 6 weeks if you’re travelling outside Australia for one of these approved reasons:

  • to attend an acute family crisis - for example, to visit a family member who is critically ill
  • for specific humanitarian reasons - for example, to adopt a child or attend custody proceedings
  • to get eligible medical treatment that isn’t available in Australia.

If your Parental Leave Pay stops when you depart, we can’t restart your Paid Parental Leave period when you return. This is even if it stopped for one day. But you may get paid any remaining Flexible Paid Parental Leave days. This is if you return to Australia and are eligible at a later time.

Page last updated: 27 March 2023.
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