What types of proof there are

There are different ways to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations that are all free.

There are 3 ways to show proof of your vaccinations:

Remember, you can print your own certificate or statement when you download your proof online. You don't need to call for a copy.

Once you’ve had one approved or recognised COVID-19 vaccination, you can add your COVID-19 certificates to your digital wallet. You can also share your digital certificate with a state check in app.

If you're using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app, you can save your proof to your offline files in the app.

You can use our tool to find the best proof for your situation.

Your vaccination provider needs to report your vaccinations to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) before it appears on your proof. It can take your vaccination provider up to 10 days to update the AIR.

If you’re affected by family and domestic violence, and having proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations causes you safety concerns, there’s support available. Any of our staff can help you access the safest option for your circumstances. For support getting your proof, call the Australian Immunisation Register or visit your local service centre.

We also have information about how to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations in Easy Read format.

Page last updated: 5 December 2022.