What the register is

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register that records vaccines given to all people in Australia.

The AIR includes vaccines given:

  • Under the National Immunisation Program
  • through school programs
  • privately, such as for flu or travel.

Read more about the National Immunisation Program on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

You don't need to add yourself to the AIR. If you're enrolled in Medicare, you’ll already be on the AIR.

If not, we'll add you to the AIR when a recognised vaccination provider tells us they've given you an immunisation. Read more about enrolling in Medicare.

Updating the AIR

You can’t update the AIR. Only a recognised vaccination provider can update the AIR. This includes doctors, such as a general practitioner or community health centre. You’ll need to ask your vaccination provider to do this.

There are a few ways they can update the AIR. One way is using the AIR site. If they use the AIR site, you’ll see changes to your immunisation history statement straight away.

Other methods take longer.

We’ll update your immunisation history statement as soon as we get the details. Sometimes the immunisations you or your child have had might be missing on the immunisation history statement. If this happens, remind your vaccination provider to update the AIR.

Find out how to get an immunisation history statement.

Page last updated: 7 July 2022.
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