What Centrepay is

Centrepay is a voluntary bill paying service which is free for Centrelink customers. You can use Centrepay to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment.

You can choose when to start, change or stop using Centrepay.

You can use the Centrepay bill paying service for your regular bills and other expenses, such as rent, electricity and phone.

Once you’ve set up a Centrepay deduction, we take money from your Centrelink payment before you get it, and send it to the business you want to pay. You are responsible for managing your Centrepay deductions.

You can only use Centrepay to pay a business registered with us.

You can find a list of businesses that use Centrepay in your area. Enter your location into the find a business or organisation search tool. It’ll show you a list of businesses near you.

We take out your Centrepay deductions from your Centrelink payment last. Other amounts we’ll deduct first are:

  • participation penalty amounts and non-payment periods
  • weekly payment amount if you get your payments weekly
  • urgent and advance repayment amounts
  • debt repayments
  • child support payments
  • tax amounts
  • amounts directed to your Income Management account
  • government housing rent deductions as part of the Rent Deduction Scheme.

Centrepay is free

Centrepay is always free for Centrelink customers. We never charge you to use Centrepay.

We charge registered businesses a transaction fee to use the Centrepay bill paying service.

Centrepay businesses can never:

  • charge you for using Centrepay
  • pass our fee on to you.

If you think a business has charged our fee to you, talk to them.

If you don’t accept their answer or you want to make a complaint, read about your rights.

Page last updated: 31 January 2024.
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