Resources you can use

Find out about services and resources you can use when taking the leap to further study.

These resources can help you choose a course, get a job or start your career.

Help to make a decision

If you need help making your next decision, check out these options. You can:

  • use the School Leavers Information Kit on the Your Career website to learn about your study, training and work options
  • use the Job Outlook website to look for careers and see what you might enjoy
  • go to the myfuture website to discover your strengths and make career decisions
  • use the myskills website to compare the training at different providers
  • get information about government help to pay for tertiary study on the Study Assist website.

Help with mental health

If you’re experiencing depression, it’s often helpful to talk to someone about your mental health.

The Head to Health website has helpful resources from a range of mental health websites. Other useful websites include:

If you’re going through a difficult time, our social workers can help. They can provide counselling, support and information.

Help with managing your money

If you’re a student in TAFE, university or at a private college, it helps to do some financial planning.

Start by using our simple money manager to make a budget. A budget can help you work out your costs over the whole year.

Tertiary students who need to live away from home to study might get Fares Allowance and other concessions.

Check if you qualify for a no interest loan from Good Shepherd. These loans provide safe, fair and affordable credit for essential goods and services. You can pay this loan back through Centrepay.

Our Financial Information Service (FIS) officers can talk to you about financial matters. This includes information you may need when you start your first job. You can also learn how wages and salary, tax and superannuation work together.

The Moneysmart website also has tips to help you manage your money when studying.

Page last updated: 28 September 2023.
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