Requests for employee information

We may ask you to complete a report to verify details about a past or present employee. This helps make sure they receive correct payments or services from us.

You should complete and return the report within the timeframe given on it. We appreciate your cooperation with this.

It is important the organisation which directly paid the employee’s salary, completes the report.

If they worked for you but another organisation paid their salary

Please note this on the last page of the report and return it to us. Include the name and address of the organisation. We will contact them.

If you paid them as a sub-contractor and not as an employee

Please complete the report with a note explaining the person was a sub-contractor and return it to us.

If you have never employed the person

Please note that you never paid any salary to the person. Write this on the last page of the report and return it to us.

You, or a pay officer you have authorised, should sign the report.

To return the completed form either:

  • send it back in the supplied reply paid envelope
  • fax it to us on 132 115.

You should keep a copy for your own records.

Page last updated: 26 August 2022.
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