Employment verification reports

You will need to report on an employee’s employment details if we request information from you.

We may ask you report your employee’s employment details. We’ll do this through the Request for information - Employment verification letter and questionnaire.

If you receive this letter and questionnaire, please complete and return it within 20 days of you receiving the letter.

This helps us confirm the employee’s details. This ensures that they receive the correct payment or service from us.

Report online

You can complete the questionnaire online if you directly employ or pay the person. You’ll need:

  • the unique verification code and claim ID we sent you in the letter
  • details of your business
  • confirmation of your employee’s employment
  • the leave payment amount
  • the leave period and dates covered by the leave payment
  • details of any compensation claimed.

If you complete the questionnaire online, you don’t need to return the paper version that came with your letter.

If you didn’t directly employ or pay the person, you can’t complete the questionnaire online. You’ll need to use the paper version.

Begin online questionnaire

Use the paper version

You should complete the paper version of the questionnaire if the employee worked for you but another organisation paid their salary.

You can write this on the last page of the paper version and return it to us. Please include the name and address of the organisation and we’ll contact them.

If you didn’t employ or pay them, you can write this on the last page of the paper version and return it to us.

Return the paper questionnaire by:

  • post in the supplied reply paid envelope, or
  • faxing it to us on 132 115.
Page last updated: 26 August 2022.
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