Register as an interpreter or translator

Our Language Services Unit operates a Register of Interpreters and Translators, which is a national database of over 3,000 contractors.

Services Australia customers have a range of communication needs. Some have difficulty communicating verbally because they are from a culturally and linguistically diverse background or are deaf, have hearing loss or speech disability. To help these customers understand and access our services, we provide interpreters to them at no cost. The department also provides free translation of documents required for its customer business needs.

The interpreters and translators on the register are contracted on a needs-basis to provide translation services and interpreter services on-site, via telephone or video-conferencing facilities. They provide services in over 200 languages, in over 10,000 customer interactions annually.

Requirements to work as an interpreter or translator

The department needs NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd.) accredited, recognised and experienced interpreters and translators in areas where languages are in demand.

We will select contractors for the Register having regard to:

  • NAATI Interpreting/translation accreditation level
  • other interpreting/translation educational qualifications
  • relevant work experience highly desirable
  • demonstrated knowledge of the AUSIT Code of Ethics
  • availability to provide services
  • good interpersonal skills and cultural awareness
  • preference for those with Australian permanent residence or citizenship.


To register your interest in working as an interpreter or translator contact with the following information:

  • name
  • residential address and postal address if different
  • contact phone number
  • Australian residence status
  • whether you are interested in becoming an interpreter or translator
  • languages
  • level of NAATI accreditation
  • NAATI Number (if applicable)
  • interpreting or translation work experience.

More information

For more information on becoming a department interpreter or translator, call the Language Services Coordinator in your State or Territory:

  • NSW/ACT - (02) 9243 3504
  • VIC - (03) 9427 6649
  • QLD + TAS - (07) 3000 2890
  • WA + SA - (08) 7210 4121
  • NT - (08) 8948 7476.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021