Financial help

You may be able to get some payments and services from us.

This can include any of the following:

If you’ve come to Australia under the Community Support Program, your situation is different. Under this program another person or organisation has said they will support you for your first 12 months. They do this with an assurance of support.

This means you won’t usually get payments from us. If the relationship with your assurer breaks down we may be able to give you payments. But your assurer will have to pay that back to us.

Read more about the Community Support Program on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Depending on your status and living arrangements, there are other payments and services you may get.

Payments for families help with your child’s education and health care needs.

Crisis Payment is a one-off payment for humanitarian entrants arriving in Australia for the first time.

Rent Assistance is extra help if you pay rent and get certain payments from us.

Child Care Subsidy helps cover the cost of approved child care.

Additional Child Care Subsidy gives some families extra help with child care fees.

Concession and health care cards help you get cheaper health care services and medicines.

To find out more, visit a service centre. You can call the Multilingual Phone Service to speak to us in your language about Centrelink payments and services.

English language courses

The Adult Migrant English Program is a free English language course to help you settle in Australia. Read more about it on the Department of Home Affairs.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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