Private Collect or self management

If you use self management or Private Collect, you don't need to tell us your payment plans. You both need to understand and agree on them.

It's important you keep records to show the payments are for child support, including:

  • who received the payment and when
  • who the payment was for
  • how much the payment was.

Choose a payment method for self management or Private Collect. Check your bank or credit union for any fee details.

If you’re the paying parent, you can choose from the payment options below to pay your child support.

Payment option What you need to do


Keep receipts and records.

Bank transfer

Include child support in the description field so it appears on their bank statement.


Ask your employer to transfer directly from your pay to the receiving parent's bank account. Ask them to record the transfer as child support.


Find out from your bank or credit union how long a personal cheque will take to clear.

Money order or financial institution cheque

Get a money order from Australia Post. Or get a cheque from your bank or credit union.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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