Parenting plans

A parenting plan is a written agreement with the other parent. It sets rules for things like how much time the children will spend with each parent.

Who should have one

If you and the other parent can agree on things, you should make a parenting plan.

It’s a good way to make sure your child support assessment recognises all the care you provide.

We need to see it

You must give us a copy of any written plan about sharing child care. It may be a parenting plan, another kind of agreement or a court order.

This will help make sure we:

  • have the same information about care from both parents
  • set the fairest payment amount.

What to put in the plan

It can say:

  • where your children will live
  • how much time they’ll spend with each of you and other people, such as grandparents
  • how you’ll share decisions like choosing a school
  • how you’ll contact each other or other people, such as by phone, email or letter
  • what you’ll do for special days like birthdays and holidays
  • how you’ll change the plan or deal with disagreements about it
  • how you’ll deal with other issues about raising your children.

A family relationship centre can help you make a parenting plan.

If you change from what’s in the plan

We may change your payments based on the care you’re really providing instead of what the parenting plan says.

If there are major changes, try to make a new plan with the other parent.

Read how your percentage of care affects your payments.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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