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Sole trader or partnership income

Business income is counted in the income test.

  1. Top payments
  2. Income Bank

What an Income Bank is

Your Income Bank allows you to earn credits where your income is less than $509 a fortnight.

  1. If you need to attend an assessment
  2. What happens during and after the assessment

If you have a reduced capacity to work

If you have a medical condition that affects your ability to work, you’ll need to tell us. You may have a reduced capacity to work but we’ll need to assess this.


Most types of income count in your income test. We use this and your assets test to assess if you can get a payment, and to calculate your rate of payment.

Advance payment

You may get part of your income support payment or Family Tax Benefit (Part A) early. This is an advance payment. You pay it back later out of your payments from us.

  1. Top payments
  2. JobSeeker Payment

How much JobSeeker Payment you can get

We pay JobSeeker Payment every 2 weeks. The amount you get depends on your personal situation.


Deeming rules are used to work out income from your financial assets. We add this to your other income and apply the income test to work out your payment rate.

  1. Help for myGov, online accounts and mobile apps
  2. Centrelink online account help guides

Centrelink online account help - Report employment income

Follow this guide to report your employment income and Job Plan requirements using your Centrelink online account.

Proving your identity in person for a Centrelink payment

How to prove who you are in person at a service centre.

  1. Top payments
  2. Rent Assistance

How much Rent Assistance you can get

The amount of Rent Assistance you can get depends on how much rent you pay.

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