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Claim for Special Benefit form (SU004)

Use this form to claim Special Benefit if you’re in financial hardship and you aren’t eligible for any other income support.

  1. Special Benefit
  2. Who can get it

Income and assets test for Special Benefit

We use income and assets tests to check if you can get Special Benefit. We also use these to work out how much you can get.

Residence descriptions

You usually need to be an Australian resident to get a payment from us. We explain how we define an Australian resident.

  1. Residence rules
  2. Residence descriptions

New Zealand citizens claiming payments in Australia

If you’re a New Zealander living in Australia you can get Centrelink payments if you meet eligibility.

  1. Top payments
  2. Special Benefit

How much Special Benefit you can get

The amount of Special Benefit you can get depends on your circumstances.

  1. Special Benefit
  2. How to claim

Supporting documents for Special Benefit

When you claim Special Benefit, we’ll ask you for some documents to support your claim.

  1. Top payments
  2. Special Benefit

Who can get Special Benefit

You may get Special Benefit if you aren’t eligible for any other income support. You’ll need to meet some rules.

  1. Assurance of Support
  2. How it works

Bank guarantee and term deposit for an Assurance of Support

When you give a bank guarantee, you must be ready to put money in the bank to cover its value.

  1. Living arrangements
  2. Moving to Australia

Visiting Australia

Read about visiting Australia to work or study and payments or services that may help you.

Income from outside Australia

Income you get from outside Australia can count in your income test.

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