Confirm your identity

Confirm your identity when you claim a payment or service.

For existing customers, you may need to prove who you are in person at a service centre. But, if your circumstances don’t allow you to, you can submit some identity documents we need online. Read more about confirming your identity if you’re an existing customer.

After you set up your Centrelink online account through myGov, you can make your claim online.

We’ll need to confirm your identity in person at a later date. We’ll contact you in the future to let you know what we need.

If you’re a new customer

When you call us you’ll need to provide us proof of your identity.

You’ll need to give us identity details from 1 or more of these documents:

Document Details
Australian driver licence A current driver licence with your photo issued in your name. This includes physical and digital driver licences, current learner permits and provisional licences.
Australian passport Issued in your name or former name, within 3 years of the expiry date.
Australian Shooter or firearm licence A current licence, issued in your name with your photo or signature. We can’t accept minor or junior permits or licences.
Australian Security licence A current security protection industry or crowd control licence. It must be in your name and show your photo or signature.
Foreign passport A current passport issued by another country, with a valid entry stamp or visa.
Proof of age card Issued by a state or territory government in your name with your photo or signature.
Secondary student ID card A current ID card, issued in your name with your photo or signature. You can only use this if you're under 18 and don’t have the other documents.
Australian birth certificate A full birth certificate in your name or former name issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages. We can’t accept birth extracts or birth cards.
Australian marriage certificate Issued by a state or territory government. We can’t accept ceremonial, church or celebrant issued certificates.
Australian visa A current resident or tourist visa issued in your name or former name. We can’t accept expired visas.
Australian citizenship certificate Issued in your name or former name. If your name appears on your parents’ certificate, you can use that.
ImmiCard A card issued in your name or former name by the Department of Home Affairs.
Name change Legal change of name or deed poll certificate.
Australian Certificate of Registration by Descent Issued by the Australian Government to a person born outside Australia. At least one of their parents was an Australian citizen at the time of their birth.

What happens if you have an authorised nominee

Your nominee can be authenticated over the phone and then establish your identity with us over the phone.

How to change or correct your legal name

It’s important to tell us if you change your legal name.

To change or correct your legal name, we’ll need the details of an original document issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages and your consent to verify the document.

When you need to confirm a partner's identity

We need to establish both your and your partner's identity over the phone, if you're claiming:

  • Parenting Payment
  • Low Income Health Care Card
  • Farm Household Allowance
  • Pension Loans Scheme.

If we’ve already confirmed your partner’s identity, we may not need further documents from them.

Page last updated: 8 July 2020