Information about refunds for the income compliance program

From July 2020, your income compliance debt may have changed if we raised the debt using averaged Australian Taxation Office (ATO) income information.

The Income Compliance class action has reached a proposed settlement. We contacted group members in late January 2021 with more information, including what to do if they object.

If you made repayments towards a debt we raised using averaged ATO income information, you may get a refund.

Who's eligible for a refund

You may be eligible for a refund if all of the following apply:

  • you received an income compliance debt after 1 July 2015
  • we raised your debt using averaged ATO income information
  • you repaid some or all of that debt.

If you haven’t paid any money towards the eligible debt, we’ll reduce your debt to zero. We’ll write to you to let you know about any changes to your debt.

Which debt repayments are not eligible for a refund

If you paid an income compliance debt that didn’t use averaged ATO income information, you won’t get a refund.

You also won’t get a refund if your debt is due to the annual balancing of family assistance payments. This is because balancing Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Subsidy is not part of the Income Compliance Program.

We haven’t used averaged ATO income information to raise the majority of Centrelink debts.

You can find information about your debts using either:

What debts you need to repay

You still need to repay Centrelink debts you have that didn’t use averaged ATO income information.

On 2 November 2020, debt raising activity restarted after a pause in response to COVID-19. From February 2021, we’re writing to people with debts to let them know repayments are starting again.

If you have a debt, we’ll let you know when you need to start repaying money. We’ll also let you know how to set up a payment arrangement if you can’t pay by the due date. Most people choose to pay the money back over time.

What happens if you got a class action notice

Not everyone who got a class action notice will be eligible for a refund.

The class action relates to a larger group of people who had debts under the Income Compliance Program. We’re only refunding repayments and reducing debts to zero for debts raised using averaged income information from the ATO.

Page last updated: 22 February 2021