Royal Commission into Robodebt

Learn about Services Australia’s role in relation to the Royal Commission into Robodebt.

About the Royal Commission

The government has established a Royal Commission into Robodebt. It’s an independent inquiry supported by its own staff and isn’t managed by Services Australia.

The Royal Commission will look into the debt assessment and recovery scheme commonly known as Robodebt.

More information about the Royal Commission, its Terms of Reference, and other relevant information is available on the Royal Commission’s website.

Our role

Services Australia will be required to respond to requests from the Royal Commission.

Former and current staff of Services Australia may be required to appear as witnesses at Royal Commission public hearings. They may also be asked to provide other information to the Royal Commission.

During the Royal Commission, we will:

  • respond to requests from the Royal Commission for data, information and statements as required
  • provide wellbeing support for our staff who are called as witnesses, or may otherwise be affected by proceedings, who choose to seek that support from us
  • continue to make our existing wellbeing support available for current and former customers, staff and their families.

People can access this support by contacting us and asking to speak with a social worker.

The Royal Commission into Robodebt is a separate process to the Income compliance program refunds and related Class action settlement.

Engaging with the Royal Commission

You can find out how to engage in the process from the Royal Commission’s website. This includes how to make a submission and contact them.

The Royal Commission will also provide information about counselling and support available to people engaging with them, including for people who may be witnesses.

If matters raised by the Royal Commission cause any distress you can also call Lifeline at any time on 13 11 14.

Page last updated: 26 August 2022.