What types of proof there are

Your COVID-19 digital certificate and immunisation history statement are proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations. They are both free.

You can print your own COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement when you download your proof online. You don't need to call for a copy.

There are 2 ways to show proof of your vaccinations:

Once you’ve had all your required doses, you can add your COVID-19 digital certificate to your digital wallet.

You can use our tool to find the best proof for your situation. It can depend on how many doses you’ve had.

Your vaccination provider needs to report your vaccination information to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) before it will appear on your statement. It can take your vaccination provider up to 10 days to update the AIR.

International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

The Australian Government has also announced the introduction of an upcoming internationally recognised International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. It’s part of the government’s framework for how international travel will look in coming months.

Read more about the announcement and the International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate on the Prime Minister of Australia website.

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Find out what to do if your COVID-19 vaccination isn’t showing, there’s an error on your record, or you’re having trouble getting or saving your proof to your device.

Page last updated: 12 October 2021