What an immunisation history statement is

Your immunisation history statement shows all the immunisations you’ve had that are on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

You can use your immunisation history statement to:

  • keep track of the immunisations you’ve had
  • see if any immunisations are overdue or will be due soon
  • see if you have an immunisation medical exemption recorded
  • see if your child is on an active catch up schedule
  • prove your immunisations are up to date for education, employment and travel purposes.

If you have a child under 14, you can do these things for them too. You can also check your child has had the immunisations they need for:

Your recent vaccinations may take a few days to appear on your immunisation history statement. If you think an immunisation is missing from your statement, ask your vaccination provider to update the AIR.

Find out how to get your immunisation history statement.

Read more about COVID-19 vaccines on the Australian Government website.

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How to get your immunisation history statement. You can also do this for your child.

Page last updated: 9 April 2021