How to claim

There are 2 ways to claim ABSTUDY Relocation Allowance. Before you start, check if you can get it.

To claim the allowance, you need to get quotes or other evidence of the costs for moving.

You can claim for this allowance either before or after you move to the new location. If we book the travel for you, you don’t need to give us any receipts. However, if you book your own travel, you’ll need to give us 3 quotes for the cost of moving.

If you can’t get the quotes, please call us on the ABSTUDY line.

Claiming before you move

To claim before you move, give us 3 quotes for the cost of moving. These can be from hire truck companies, if moving yourself, or removalist companies.

We’ll pay the lowest of the quotes up to the maximum amount of the allowance for your situation.

We can pay the removalist or hire truck company directly if you give us the invoice.

If you need help with booking travel, give us the details of when you want to travel. You must call us at least a week before you plan to travel. This will give us time to book the travel for you.

Claiming after your move

If you pay for the move yourself, you need to give us 3 quotes. Send us the receipts and the other quotes and we’ll pay you. We’ll pay the lowest of the quotes. This will be up to the maximum amount of Relocation Allowance for your situation.

If you pay for your travel we’ll reimburse you for the cheapest and most practical way to travel. You’ll need to complete the ABSTUDY Fares Allowance Claim form.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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