How much you can get

How much ABSTUDY Relocation Allowance you can get depends on your situation.

We pay up to:

  • $530 per adult for yourself and your partner
  • $260 for each of your dependent children.

The maximum we’ll pay for removalist cost is $1,520. We’ll also pay ABSTUDY Fares Allowance for you and your family. We’ll pay a one way journey from your home to your study location.

The allowance is for your initial relocation and is for the duration of your course.

You can still get Relocation Scholarship if you’re eligible.

Booking travel

If we book and pay for your travel, we’ll pay for the actual costs of your travel.

If we reimburse your travel, we’ll pay you the amount for the cheapest and most practical way to travel. For example, you travel by private car but the cheapest and most practical way to travel is by bus. In this instance we would pay you for the cost of the bus ticket.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021