How to apply

The easiest way to apply is online.

After you apply for a child support assessment, we’ll assess your application and let you know the outcome.

Once we’ve assessed your application you’ll be able to set up self service and manage your child support online.

Before you start

Before you start, you should:

If you or the other parent live outside Australia, you may need to apply to that country’s child support authority. Read about child support when a parent lives outside Australia.

If asking for child support puts you at risk

If you’re worried about risks to you or your family when seeking child support, you can:

If you’re affected by family or domestic violence, or at risk of it, you can:

  • call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732
  • go to the 1800RESPECT website and select Help and support.

You can talk privately on the phone or online to someone who’s trained to help. It’s free and open 24/7.

Set up self service

To set up self service:

Find out what you can do through self service.


Fill in the online Application for child support assessment.

If you’re a non-parent carer, use the Application for child support assessment - Non-parent carer.

If you live outside of Australia, use the International application for an Australian child support assessment form instead.

Submit your form

You need to give us:

You can submit most documents online through your Child Support online account.

Read about how to register for a Child Support online account.

Other ways to apply

The easiest way to apply is online. If you can’t apply online, call the Child Support Enquiry Line.

Withdraw application

If we haven’t accepted or refused your application yet, you can withdraw it.

Fill in the Notice of withdrawal of application for a child support assessment form.

Wait for the result

We’ll write to you and the other parent to tell you our decision.

If we make an assessment, we’ll send your child support assessment notice. This says:

  • how much you’ll receive or pay
  • when your payments will start.

Check your details

Check that all your details on the assessment notice are right. You need to tell us if they aren’t or if they change later.

If you think our decision was wrong

If you don’t agree with a decision we’ve made you may be able to object. Both parents have the right to object.

Read about objecting to Child Support decisions, including what you can and can’t object to.

If we need to contact you

Once you have an assessment, we may need to contact you from time to time about your child support. You can request how and when we contact you through your Child Support online account. To update your preferences, call us on the Child Support Enquiry Line.

Sometimes we may need to contact you using a different method or outside your preferred contact times. This may happen if:

  • we haven’t been able to reach you through your preferred method
  • you don’t make payments on time
  • we need to resolve a specific matter.

Page last updated: 22 April 2022