How Services Australia protects your personal information after a data breach

We take steps to protect your myGov, Medicare, Centrelink and Child Support accounts when data breaches happen.

We take data security seriously. We have a number of safeguards in place to protect your records.

When data breaches happen, we work closely with affected organisations to identify customers who may be at risk. One of the ways we do this is by data matching Medicare and Centrelink records. Data matching allows us to identify customers who are at risk of identity theft and place proactive extra security measures on their records.

Following the data match, we actively monitor your Centrelink and Medicare records. If we identify any irregular activity, we may contact you or take other action. In some cases, this can include locking access to your online services to prevent fraud.

Applying authentication and additional security measures

Authentication means the steps we take to make sure only you, and people you have authorised, can access your customer records. We may ask you, or your authorised representative, additional questions before we discuss your customer records. This applies when you contact us by phone or in person.

Asking these questions ensures we’re speaking with the right person, and not someone who isn’t authorised to enquire or act on your behalf.

Identifying and reporting unauthorised activity

If we identify unauthorised activity on your Medicare, Centrelink or Child Support record, we’ll review it and take appropriate action.

This can include correcting your record and reissuing missing payments. We’ll report the suspected fraud on your behalf and discuss extra safeguards that may need to be applied to your accounts.

Page last updated: 5 May 2023.
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