How much you can get

Carer Allowance is $153.50 each fortnight.

Your work income won’t affect how much Carer Allowance you get if you and your partner earn less than $250,000 a year. This is a set rate.

This payment isn’t part of your taxable income.

The Department of Social Services reviews this payment rate on 1 January each year.

Part payments

If you share the care of a person with another carer, you may only get part of the payment. This is if the other carer is not your partner and also claims Carer Allowance. The amount you get will be based on the percentage of care you provide.

An example of carers who get a part payment

Mary and Susan are sisters who share the care of their father, Jim. He's been diagnosed with a terminal medical condition. Susan provides care on weekends while Mary provides care during the week.

When Mary and Susan each start their claim, we'll ask them about themselves and the care they provide Jim. If granted, we'll give each sister a part payment based on the percentage of care they provide.

Page last updated: 1 January 2024.
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