Form upload

A guide to help health professionals submit forms in Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) using the form upload function.

You can submit some forms online using the form upload function in HPOS Messages. You can securely send messages with forms and supporting documents directly to us. This function confirms forms have been received and stops postal delays and costs.

To access HPOS, you'll need to use your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account.

You can use PRODA, an online authentication system, to securely access many government services.

If you don’t have a PRODA account, you can register for PRODA. To log on, it only needs a username, password and verification code.

Note: PRODA doesn’t replace organisation PKI site certificates.

Learn more about form upload in our eLearning module.

Forms available for upload

Forms you can upload have the notice 'This form can be uploaded through HPOS'. You'll get a message if you send a form that can't be uploaded.

Using the form upload function in HPOS

  1. Scan or photograph the completed and signed form.
  2. Log on to HPOS.
  3. Select Messages.
  4. Select either My mailbox or Practice mailbox.
  5. Select Form upload.
  6. Select Form category from the dropdown list.
  7. Select Form type from the dropdown list. Make sure the form category and form type you select match the form you upload.
  8. Upload the form and supporting documents.
  9. Select Send.

Note: The Practice mailbox is for practices registered for the Practice Incentive Program (PIP) and the Workforce Incentive Program – Practice Stream. To access this function, you need to link your Registration Authority number to your practice profile.

You can see sent messages in My mailbox.

You can write comments in the text section.

It’s important you don’t upload multiple forms in 1 message or reply to old messages when you send a new form. These messages won’t have a Reference Number (Ref No) and can’t be tracked.

Learn more about HPOS Messages.

Reference Number

We give each message you send us a unique Reference Number (Ref No). You can only upload 1 form and it’s supporting documents in a message.

Note the Ref No, shown in the Mail Centre message list, in case you need to contact us about the upload. The last 2 digits at the end of the Ref No show the number of transactions in the message thread. For example, 2359816-02 has 2 related messages.

Sending supporting documents

You can send up to 5 attachments in a message. This includes 1 form and a maximum of 4 supporting documents.

You can attach supporting documents the same way as forms. However, they'll become supporting documentation.

Sending additional supporting documents

If you have more than 4 supporting documents for a form, you can send your first message with the form and 4 attachments. Then reply to that message and add up to 5 extra attachments. This links the attachments to the initial upload with the same Ref No.

To add more supporting documents to your original message:

  1. Log on to HPOS.
  2. Select Messages.
  3. Select the mailbox you sent the form from, either My mailbox or Practice mailbox.
  4. Select your original message with the attached form, so the additional documents have the same Ref No.
  5. Select Reply.
  6. Upload the additional supporting documents.
  7. Select Send. You won't receive a HPOS email notification when a copy of this submission is sent to your inbox.

File requirements

Each attachment must be less than 10MB. If it's larger compress it or send it by post. The blue bar above your attachments shows the MB used per upload.


Delegates in HPOS have access to use the secure upload function. A delegate needs to access HPOS using their own PRODA account.

Learn more about managing delegates who can act on your behalf in HPOS.

Page last updated: 21 November 2023.
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