Features of Centrepay

There’s a $10 minimum amount for each regular deduction. Each deduction can have an end date or target amount in place.

Setting target amounts

You can set a target amount if customers have a specific amount to pay. Deductions will stop when it reaches the target amount. You can add target amounts to a new or existing deduction.

Setting an end date

You can set end dates for deductions that need a set timeframe. Deductions will stop on the end date. You can add an end date to a new or existing deduction.

Suspending deductions

If a customer doesn’t need a deduction for a short period, you can suspend it for up to 13 weeks. This'll help to avoid an overpayment.

You’ll need to call our Centrepay for businesses team to set this up. The deduction will start again at the end of the suspension period.

Adjusting deductions

You can make temporary increases or decreases to deductions for up to 13 weeks. Deductions will go back to the original amount on the chosen end date. This may help to avoid an overpayment or catch up missed payments.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021