Disability champion videos

Watch videos featuring our Disability Champions who share their stories and achievements with us.

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Our Disability Champions talk about the inspiring things they’ve done with their lives. They discuss how they manage their disability while achieving their goals.


In this video, Sam talks to us about how his hearing loss hasn’t stopped him from chasing his dreams. Sam’s on the Disability Support Pension and studying at Uni to become a psychologist.

Sam tells us how it hasn’t been an easy road for him and how some days it’s difficult to manage with a hearing loss. He says no matter how great the burden or emotional strain, if you always stick to your values, you’ll come out on top.


In this video, Bec talks about how autism affected her confidence and ability to work. We hear how Bec’s determination, understanding of her disability and support network all come together to help her achieve her goals. Bec’s surprised everyone, especially her parents.


In this video, Paul talks to us about working part-time as a trolley collector. He also tells us how this work has helped him gain new skills, friends and confidence.

Paul tells us how his learning difficulties made school a real struggle for him and he had no confidence. Since starting part-time work, Paul’s confidence has increased. He says he’s proud of his job, loves being outdoors and will continue to work until he retires.

Page last updated: 19 March 2024.
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