COVID-19 digital certificate as proof

Use your COVID-19 digital certificate to show proof of only your COVID-19 vaccinations when in Australia. You can also add it to your digital wallet.

When you’ll get your certificate

You’ll get your digital certificate if any of the following applies:

Remember, before you can get your digital certificate, your vaccination provider must either:

  • add your COVID-19 vaccine to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
  • record details of your medical contraindication to the AIR.

How to access your certificate

You can access your digital certificate using any of the following:

  • your Medicare online account through myGov
  • your Express Plus Medicare mobile app
  • the Individual Healthcare Identifier Service through myGov.

Read more about how to get proof of your vaccinations.

Remember, you can print your own COVID-19 digital certificate when you download your proof online. You don’t need to call us to get a copy.

We also have information about how to get your certificate in Easy Read format.

If you’ve had a booster dose

If you’ve had a booster dose, you can choose to update your COVID-19 digital certificate.

After you update it, your digital certificate will show all your COVID-19 vaccinations, including any booster doses.

The ‘valid from’ date on your digital certificate will be the date you got your first COVID-19 vaccination.

You can learn more about COVID-19 booster doses on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

All your COVID-19 vaccinations are recorded on the AIR. If you need a record of all your vaccinations, you can use your immunisation history statement.

How to store and update your digital certificate on your device

Once you have your digital certificate, you can add it to your Apple or Google Wallet. You can also share it with a state check in app.

These include:

If you’re using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app, you can save it to your offline items in the app.

If you’ve had a booster dose, you can choose to update your digital certificate to show all your COVID-19 vaccinations.

Remember to update your digital certificate if any of these apply:

  • you’ve saved an offline version of your certificate
  • you’ve added your certificate in your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet
  • you’ve shared your certificate with a state or territory check in app.

We have information about help storing and updating your proof on your device.

We also have information about how to add your certificate to a digital wallet in Easy Read format.

How we manage your personal information

You can also read more about your privacy and how we manage your personal information for the COVID-19 digital certificate.

Page last updated: 15 March 2023.