Comprehensive Compliance Assessment

An assessment to find out why you haven’t been meeting your mutual obligation requirements.

Who this applies to

The Comprehensive Compliance Assessment applies to job seekers in the Community Development Program (CDP).

When we do them

The assessment is compulsory and happens when either:

  • you have 3 failures applied in 6 months for not meeting your requirements and you don’t have a valid reason for not meeting them
  • we or your provider refer you for an assessment.

The assessment may help if you’re having trouble meeting your requirements.

Why we do them

We do an assessment to check all of the following:

  • if your requirements are right for you
  • what things are making it hard for you to go to your appointments
  • if you need more or different help to address any issues you may be having
  • if you’re deliberately not meeting your requirements.

How the assessment works

We do the assessment over the phone. We’ll talk with you about all of the following:

  • your attendance at appointments
  • your reasons for not meeting your requirements
  • if there’s anything stopping you from meeting your requirements
  • any extra assistance you may need to help you meet future requirements.

If you don’t take part in the assessment, your payment may stop until you do. You won’t be able to report until after we finish the assessment.

A friend or relative can be with you at the assessment if you need support.

Let us know if you need an interpreter to help at your assessment.

What happens after the assessment

We’ll do a report for your provider. It’ll include your reasons for not meeting your requirements. If you need extra help, we may recommend that you’re referred to other government agencies or support services.

If our assessment finds that you repeatedly failed to meet your requirements without a valid reason, you may get a serious failure.

A serious failure means we won’t pay you for 8 weeks. Your payment may start again if you agree to go to a re-engagement appointment with your CDP provider.

How we protect your privacy

We’re bound by law to protect your privacy and provide a confidential service. This includes any personal details we collect or hold about you. We only provide your details to someone else when allowed by Commonwealth law or when we have your permission.

At your assessment, we’ll talk with you about what details we may share with your provider.

You may also talk to us about your right to see your details under freedom of information.

Read more about your right to privacy.

Page last updated: 12 September 2022.
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