Policy, terms and guides

The Centrepay Policy and Terms and Procedural Guide for Businesses.

Policy and terms

The Centrepay Policy and Terms outlines your obligations as a Centrepay business. It also explains how to apply and use Centrepay.

Read the policy and terms Centrepay Policy and Terms version 3.0 with the Procedural Guide for Businesses.

Procedural guide

The Centrepay Procedural Guide for Businesses explains how Centrepay operates. It has details about the day-to-day use of Centrepay.

Read the Procedural Guide for Businesses with the Policy and Terms Centrepay Procedural Guide version 5.0.

Business online service maintenance

We sometimes have problems with our business online service. We try to tell you about any problems and fix them as quickly as we can. We also have scheduled maintenance periods.

Read more about business online service.

Page last updated: 17 November 2022.
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