Assets test

We use the assets test to help us work out if you can be paid an allowance and how much you'll get.

We assess all asset types as part of the assets test.

There are limits to how much your assets can be worth before they affect the amount you can be paid. It will depend on your situation.

Your assets include any property or possessions you own in full, in part, or have an interest in, including:

  • assets held outside Australia
  • debts owed to you.

We review the assets test limits and cut off points in January, March, July, and September each year.

Assets test limits and cut off points

Most allowances have asset limits and cut off points. We use these to work out if your assets will affect your payment rate.

We calculate the payment rate under both the income and assets tests. The test that results in the lowest rate, or nil rate, will apply.

Your limits are higher if you receive Rent Assistance with your allowance. Use Payment Finder to determine the limits.

Your payment will cancel when your assets are more than the following amounts.

Your situationHomeownerNon-homeowner
A couple, combined$470,000$722,000
A couple, one partner eligible, combined$470,000$722,000

Other help

If you can’t get a payment, or get less because of the assets test, you may get help from Asset Hardship provisions.

Page last updated: 5 July 2024.
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